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NHK World TV NEWSLINE – The Road Ahead: Something to Smile About


Niko Niko Taishi will meet many new kids at schools in Miyagi and Kesunnuma from February 14th to the 18th.

The tour is being organized by Aya Takada from www.birdoflugas.com

It is co-sponsored by; The Bridge to Tohoku Group Parents and kids from the BST.

Kuu Fatima, Aladdin and Megumi donated the proceeds from their show and book sales.

We are excited to start our Niko Niko Books Series with Kuu Fatima’s new book.



Guy is very excited and proud to have been included as a speaker at TEDx Tohoku on November 25th, 2012.

He spoke about the sacred role of the Clown and how we all can be Smile Ambassadors!

Guy’s TEDx Tohoku talk;


Hiragana Times Nov, 2012

Guy and Niko Niko Taishi were the subjects of a featured profile in November 2012 of the bilingual Hiragana Times magazine.
The online link is down and I will have a PDF of the hard copy up soon.

“Niko Niko Smile” Theme Song

“Niko Niko Smile”

We are happy to announce the release of our very own theme song!

“Niko Niko Smile” was written and produced by children’s morning television star Eric Jacobsen.

Eric (who is also a Smile Ambassador) and Guy recorded the fun little song together.

“Niko Niko Smile” is now available to anyone who makes a donation to the Niko Niko Program.

We hope you enjoy the song and keep on smiling!

Niko Niko Taishi August ’12 tour. 6 days, 14 locations, 180 km (111m) of coast traveled (Kuji to Ofunato) and 700 kids visited. The first 4 locations were first time visits and remaining 10 are all part of the Niko Niko Taishi Follow Up program. The Smile Ambassadors revisit locations to nurture the seeds of joy and love already planted. These visits are an essential part of the PTSD healing process which is why we are determined to continue our special relief program. Big thanks to Michael at Playgrounds of Hope for bringing me up and the kids, parents and teachers at the British School Tokyo for their support.

The Smile Ambassadors are scheduled to return to Tohoku in the last week of August! It’s been a few months since our last tour and we are very excited to restart our regular visits. After an intense year long effort we have decided to scale back our tours from two, one week long tours per month down to one. At the same time, we are working towards building and facilitating long term self sustained mental and emotional health care programs in the region. We are very fortunate to have some of the world’s top PTSD experts from Israel on our team to provide advice on our existing programs and help us to create our future programs. Furthermore, we are actively pursuing partnerships with other like minded organizations and individuals with whom we can collaborate. We are all Smile Ambassadors “changing the world, one smile at a time”!