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Short Term

Establishment of an NPO to provide mental and emotional aide and relief to affected children by Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

Paperwork / Filing – 2 to 8 months depending on the level of assistance received

Promotional Campaign – Media Outreach & Financial Sponsorship

  • Corporate – Direct Solicitations / Networking

  • Grants – Domestic / International

  • Private – Crowdfunding via Kickstarter etc with “Rewards / Perks”

Raise Public Awareness about Japanese PTSD issues via 
Social and Traditional Media Outlets

Solicit Volunteers (ideally bilingual)
Outreach to previously visited locations in Tohoku

  • Reconnect independently from previous sponsor

  • Extend message of continued support

  • Schedule future Tohoku tours

Medium Term

Resume Tohoku Tours

Continue PTSD relief program throughout affected areas

1 week per month Sunday – Friday

3 – 4 locations per day at;

  • Daycare Centers

  • Kindergarten

  • Elementary Schools

  • “Gakudo” (after-school programs) etc

Outreach to new populations in need
Expansion of program to include;

  • Teacher / Caregiver Training to insure sustainable long- term PTSD relief needs

  • Student-to-student friendship support program – Domestic & International

Collaborate with relief groups to supplement and enhance their programs and services

Long Term

Expansion of PTSD relief to communities beyond Tohoku

Collaborate with NPOs, NGOs and local governments servicing;

  • Hospitals

  • Orphanages

  • Underprivileged communities

Create On-Call / Immediate Action program to address Children’s PTSD relief issues in the case of future disasters

  • Domestic

  • International

Education / Training to expand knowledge and enhance programs

  • Attend workshops

  • Seminars

  • Training programs

Training Program for additional children’s PTSD relief practitioners

Host PTSD relief professionals to raise awareness, educate and train domestic mental healthcare practitioners