Sunday mid-day departure
Monday to Friday

•  The tour includes visits to two daycare centers in the morning, a lunch-time visit to an elementary school and, if time permits, an afternoon visit to a daycare center, kindergarten or “gakudo” (after-school).

•  Tours are self-contained and tailor each visit to fit each location’s specific circumstances, varying the  number and age range of participants and so on.

•  Due to the nature of the disaster, the physical locations and settings of schools (daycare through high school) vary dramatically.

Return to Tokyo on Friday afternoon


2 Smile Ambassadors

•  Performer **

•  Coordinator / Assistant (Japanese)

Reduced budgets limit tours to one Performer which is not ideal because:

•  The Performer often needs help during the shows and workshops managing large groups

•  The program is taken more seriously with a Japanese Coordinator functioning as a liaison

•  There is too much individual emotional / physical stress on the performer if he/she is driving,

performing and interacting with staff / the community alone.


Round trip Shinkansen from Tokyo to Tohoku (usually to Mizusawa Eisashi Station)

Rental Car for transportation within the region


Rental cottage or hotel


Self-prepared meals at the cottage

Meals at restaurants

*depending on the schedule / logistics

** Gaetano “Guy” Totaro is the original and principal Smile Ambassador. He often tours as a solo act, but when budget allows he invites additional Smile Ambassadors as “Special Guests”. Guy is a native of Southern California and is a ”multi tarento” entertainer – actor, clown, juggler, magician, musician and fire artist. Guy graduated from the University of San Francisco in 1989 with a BA in theater. After an apprenticeship in Commedia dell Arte with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, Guy continued his comedy training at Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey’s Clown College, where he graduated in 1992. As an entertainer, he has extensive experience providing “clown care” and psychosocial intervention. Guy is currently living in Tokyo, where his comedic characters make common appearances on television, including; Sky Perfect, NIKKA Whisky, Suntory’s Mr CC Lemon, Nissin Cup Noodles TV commercials,  Guy has also appeared on the NHK English educational programs Kiso Eigo 3 and Eigo de Asobo. GAETANO Co KK was established in 2009 and provides the very best family entertainment in Tokyo.