The value of our program has been confirmed time and again by the powerful responses we consistently receive.

Below are testimonials from Smile Ambassadors and Tohoku residents.
And of course there are the thousands of smiles as seen in countless photos.

After one show a tearful father, overwhelmed with emotion, told us that this was the first time he had seen his daughter smile since her mother went “missing”.

A 6th grade teacher bowed low, thanked us and then cried in our arms… it was the first time her students laughed or expressed ANY emotion since the disaster.


I believe “Magic is Everywhere”. I see the magical potential in everything and in everyone, especially in children. The Great East Japan Earthquake caused more to vanish then meets the eye. The Niko Niko Taishi program, empowers kids of all ages to make real magic happen so their confidence, self esteem and dreams can re-appear and they can move forward. I am proud to join my dear friend Guy as a Smile Ambassador and I encourage you to join us as well!”
Cyril Takayama
World Famous Magician and Smile Ambassador


Music and laughter both hit a spot that I think we sometimes forget we have. In the days and weeks following 3/11/2011, when many people said they were in no mood to be listening to music, I continued to play it on the radio, as that is what I do for a living. And to my relief I received numerous messages from people saying how much comfort they obtained from the unconscious act of just being exposed to music.
Laughter, if anything, hits even deeper. It doesn’t matter how much doom and gloom surround us – a good belly laugh that shakes your whole body till the tears come streaming down your face is the most cathartic thing in the world, and will give you the strength to carry on for a while. And people who can make us laugh like that become lifelong friends in our hearts.
Go forth Guy, and make lots more friends.
Peter Barakan
TV & Radio Tarento and Smile Ambassador


“Being a father, I want nothing more than to have a happy family with constantly smiling laughing kids! It doesn’t take much to make a child smile, but a traumatized child also needs sincerity, compassion and understanding. Most of all, they need love. Nothing makes the world more lovely than the laughing voices of children and their beautiful smiles! Armed with these qualities to achieve that mission is Guy Totaro and his Niko Niko Taishi program. They are, “Changing the World, One Smile at a Time!” I’m a proud supporter of Guy and the Niko Kiko Taishi, I hope you will be too!!”
Thane Camus
TV Tarento and Smile Ambassador


“From the springs of his existence flows honesty and compassion.  These two traits bundled with an art for living and performing personify the fireball called Guy Totaro. Speaking one to one or performing for 1000 people the man’s mission is simple “Changing the World… One Smile at a Time”. Simplicity, honesty and a caring heart is what the children of eastern Japan who have been impacted by the recent natural disasters,  and also the children within all of us who are effected by the travesties of life need.  Guy is the man. The Niko Niko Taishi Smile Ambassadors Program is the means to accomplish this goal. Please support him in his noble efforts.”

David Claypatch

David Claypatch is a world class juggler and street perform. He graduated from California State University Long Beach’s “Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner” program and he holds a Masters of Nursing Degree. He has also received additional training in Critical Incident Stress De-briefing (C.I.S.D.) and preventative therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). David is on the Smile Ambassadors’ Board of Directors and he is part of the Smile Ambassadors touring team.