Do YOU want to be a Smile Ambassador?

We are always looking for help!

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Please join our team and help lighten the load!

Special THANKS to these gracious Niko Niko VOLUNTEERS

Jun Kamei – Volunteer Co-Recruiter Mai Iida – Volunteer Co-Recruiter Miki Sohn – Smile Ambassador Ai Yamazaki – Smile Ambassador – tour / translation Huw Lloyd – Smile Ambassador Kristen McQuillin- Smile Ambassador tour / advisor Jordan Cheung – Smile Ambassador tour David Claypatch – Smile Ambassador tour Moshe Cohen – Smile Ambassador tour / advisor Charles Thomas Stewart – networking Roberto De Vido – networking Joseph Tame – networking Michael Anop – networking Shivani Karan – video producer /editor Kelly Haavaldsrud – Video Narration Eric Jacobsen – Theme Song Matoko Tsutamura – translations / video subtitles Ken Urashima – local liaison Ofunato, Iwate-ken

Volunteers and Items needed:

  • Translations (Eng. to Jap. & Jap. to Eng.)

  • Accounting services

  • Bi-lingual Social Media guru

  • Bi-lingual WordPress guru

  • Pocket Wi-Fi

  • Printing Services

  • Fundraising Party / Event venue

  • Fundraising Party / Event coordinators

  • Online Fundraising “Rewards” (items or services of value to be used as thank you’s for donations)

  • Links / Introductions to Corporate Sponsorship

(All goods and services Pro Bono)