Quote from a Kamaishi City Elementary School Principal 2/2012

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“Unfortunately, I was unable to see the Smile Ambassador when he visited for the first time last June. I heard that the children and teachers all had a really great time. Guy-san returned for a second visit in September and I then saw what everyone was so excited about.
When I told the kids that Guy-san will visit for a third time in February they were all very happy. They waited anxiously for him to come and everyone’s eyes lit up when he arrived. I wish they had the same reaction to their regular classes! I am amazed by the positive impact that Guy-san has on the kids and the teachers. It lasts long after his visits – they will probably never forget him. I believe that their laughter helps to relieve stress caused by the traumatic experience of the tsunami. The Smile Ambassador spreads seeds of happiness that can grow to be strong and healthy. This helps the students and faculty through these difficult times which in turn helps our families and community. I am very impressed with the Smile Ambassador Program and hope to see Guy-san again soon.”

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